Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dior Homme Spring 2011

With the unveiling of the Dior Homme spring collection came much expectation for the brand to continue its ability to recreate and redefine men’s fashion. What came was something that, for many of its loyal customers, expressed that ability. Designer Kris Van Assche presented a collection of menswear that hosted a spectrum of softer fabrics, ideal for spring. What stood out the most in the collection was the surprising decision to avoid conventional spring and summer wear, and to instead cling to longer and looser garments. Something that was wonderful about the idea behind the collection was the lack of a traditional clean-cut appearance. But for what the collection lacked, it gained in an unorthodox version of the futuristic macho, redefining the definition of clean-cut.

-Over and Out

Check out the collection on here:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hermès Spring 2011

When I think of Hermès, which is definitely one of my favorite brands, I think of soft earth tones and hints of color that are consistent throughout. Fortunately the picture I have when I think of Hermès wasn’t at all wrong for this year’s spring collection. Looking at the show, which presented numerous coats, jackets, and blazers, reminded me of a soft breeze accenting a beautiful summer day. This metaphor being not only the mental reaction I got from watching the show, but also something that was expressed through the fabric and color choices. Being that this is summer, in order to wear coats and other outwear, the fabric would have to not only be comfortable and light, but strong enough to protect from the unpredictable weather patterns we sometimes see. What we saw in this collection was just that, making this presentation strong enough for the modern macho, but versatile enough to help express a softer man.

over and out

go check out the collection and tell me what you think:

Friday, June 25, 2010

First Post

This is my first Blog. Its purpose is to give me an outlet for my creative juices. I grew up in a military family of three. My mother and father made sure that they allowed me free reign with my imagination, but also gave me the structure that I would need and the discipline the world requires an African American man to have. I'm kind of from all over. Germany, Korea, Texas, Colorado...and now Minnesota. This blog will give you a my opinion of whats going on in the world from my POV Hope 
you enjoy. 
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