Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daily inspirations

So obviously in my free time, when I'm not loving my main lady and not trying to redefine and shape my future, I'm lookbooking. I can spend HOURS! on this site. I really need to find a photog soon because I am dying to start up again. 

Moving on...
Here are a few of the people I took notice of today

Holy shizz this guy does levitation photography for DAYS and seriously every time he does it literally blows me away. 

Definitely inspired here. Something I think is incredibly funny is the fact that people like me have to TRY the roll out of bed look. I over think just about everything so when I see someone embody the "bum" look I think its pretty incredible... and like everything else I have to TRY to do... I will definitely be trying it soon

London anyone? This kick ass look is well assembled and I really liked his play with plaid. Also TOP-BUTTON definitely something I enjoy..sick sick

Mustard chinos. I just bought a pair...FINALLY and I'm pretty excited about them.

Definitely my favorite look of the day. Once again the top-button was done well. I think for today the one thing I saw the most was the top-button and tan over coats. I saw at least 5 of each. I wonder what's next.

And here is the other trend from today. Tan overcoats. Out of all of them I think I liked not only the look here the best but also the image. Great photography.

WOW. Color. This is my favorite color. And one of the three favorite blues that I like. So done well, but from Vini I'm not surprised. Kid's swag is timeless and even though a bit off kilter from what we are used to, sub-existent to the main stream million dollar making fashion icons, I like it and have respect for this guy.

Oh Bobby. Again this guy does it. I wonder if he has to try as hard as the rest of us? Doubtful. Lookbook veteran. Oversized coats...nuff said. 

Aight den. That is about it for me. I'm a little    very sleepy. Tomorrow is the first day back to school. 

Wish your brother luck.

Until we meet again,