Sunday, February 19, 2012

So OBVIOUSLY every guy out there that is even remotely interested in what they look like and the clothes they wear are starting to get some ideas for spring (which it feels is already here) and summer. Today whilst lookbooking, I found two things that I will definitely be looking into getting. The first thing I was driven to go look was 5preview which is the US isn't something you hear much about. I've seen them a ton of times in the past on LB but never really took a gander at the site and actually considering investing the 60-something euros. The look that sent me there was this look by a  Eros Buzza.

Honestly I love the look, but I love the shirt particularly.
So I took a hop to the store and saw these options.

Moving on, I found some other choices for spring. I ended up finding these through an interesting group of related links. Anyway here they are. I'm really diggin these because they are completely different. They are all also priced really well.