Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dissonance created while away

From personal experience I have learned that a long distance relationship is either an extremely difficult thing to be a part of or the best thing to happen to a relationship. For those lucky enough to remain steadfast, the end result is nothing short of a harmonic relationship filled with the best kind of love. But for those who are toyed with by distance the relationship ends slowly and painfully. This got me thinking about the reason why dissonance is created while there is distance between two lovers. There had to be something under the surface of it all that would explain this random but completely expected phenomenon. Personally I think that when you love someone to a point where you would even considering “going long distance” you’re either crazy, or crazy in love. I’ve been taught time and time again about the explanation of how communication between a sender and a receiver works. These are the basics: a sender encodes then sends a message through an environment full with what is called, “noise” to a receiver whom in turn decodes and sends a response. Obviously there are things that hinder the decoding like cultural background, personal life experience, or any stereotypes held against the sender. One of the most obvious hindrances is physical distance. Because in an environment free of body language, eye contact, tone in voice, communication stands little to no chance of survival. The vast majority of people understand this. They are the lucky ones who out of fear sever their ties to the one they once loved. But for us crazy ones we decide that we can overcome the challenge. Normally, we crash and burn. That's the surface. Digging deeper what do we see? Is that simply it? Are we missing anything? After a hussy with my girlfriend I realized that there is another reason why these relationships normally don’t work. It’s something that is the most obvious reason of them all. Simply put, we don’t like to be apart from the one we love. It drives us crazy. It makes us fight. And it also leads us down a path of life changing mistakes. So what do we do?

My answer: continue to fight, although the odds are against you if the end you seek is the end you receive your joy will be greater than the coward who ran from a fight.