Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A moment of clarity shrouded by chaos

As we began our final descent into Madrid's colorful Barajas Airport, I slowly push the window shade up into the interior of the plane allowing the sun to pierce through the stagnant darkness. As the sun pours in I squint. Through the rays of light and my glowing eyelashes I can see that we are approaching the ground. We are touching down in the middle of what seemed like a desert gifted with miniscule reminders of the water that once gallivanted across its floors. To me a golden treasure chest of experiences. Experiences to be had, experiences awaiting my eager mind's attention.

After landing in Barajas Airport we are plunged into a nearly empty airport. The plaster that once stood in the way of light now replaced by large windows and bright colors reflective of a rainbow. The floor gleaming from the sun's bath isn't not overly done, but balanced; the yin yang of industrial inspirations and post modernism. 
Through this sensual overload my mind was in a haze. Thoughts of God were fleeting at best and thoughts of why I was really in Spain seemed to quietly whisper against the boisterous overtone of excitement.
How do I reel in my mind when my eyes are feeding it caffeine? 
Focus on God after surrendering to him and all will be well. 

PS- Good Lord Mary I really miss you. I wanna see the world with you one day!!