Friday, September 2, 2011

When you are gone darkness finds me

When I am without you darkness finds me. It digs its nails deep into my back and its teeth into my neck. When I am away from you clouds of contempt fill my skies and once saturated pours on me memories of ugliness anorexia bulimia and pain. The body given is defiled. The life once touched is spat on. Where will the light be once my eyes reflect nothing but darkness? Where will your rays of life be hidden when they are closed and the key used to sustain their bondage is lost? Rip into my sky and push back the clouds, eat them alive, and brighten my world. Find the key used to constrict me. If it be lost forever free me from the depths of my mind. Tear off my lids and throw them away, for what lies behind them could destroy me. Do not drip. Do not shower. Do not sprinkle. But POUR! Pour into the doors of my soul like water behind the broken dam. Fill my body with the sweet nectar that gives life. Fill me until every crevasse is submerged. Take note of your child Katrina and how she destroyed the darkness of your prodigal, Louis. But after you ravage the disposition of my spirit, rebuild my walls. Use crushed coral mixed with water. Lay beautiful silver and black granite bricks infused with your spirit. Fill my fields with beautiful flowers so that I can run through them, and tall shade trees for me to sleep under. Once my land is restored burry your body in the middle of it, so that my world will be sustained. Stay there and never leave. For if you do the black hole which has claimed so many worlds will swallow me.