Saturday, September 29, 2012


Last night was amazing. I took some time to catch up with one of my best friends -- nicknamed Auntie M. We drank wine, made spring rolls and then danced the night away. I haven't felt so overwelmed with joy in a long time. Insecurities faded...

Life was good at least until I returned home. I felt the insecurities crawling up my legs and up my back. They wraped their arms around me and squeezed every drop of joy I felt out of me.

They dragged me to the mirror and as I gazed at myself teeth wine stained, hair in a disarray, eyes squinting at the light I felt an odd sense of security. I was back, feeling low and depressed.
This look shows the progress I've gone through starting with being drained of all optimism and ending where I sit within myself currently.

Perhaps I came off a little strong?