Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Curtains of My Insecurity Hide Me From Your Love

I can be a very sensitive individual. My emotions are always trying to interfere with the functioning of my life. While taking the shots for this look I couldn't help but reflect on why I was taking them. Why I was allowing a bit of my soul to be ripped from me with every "ca-click" 
I feel like there is a slight price to pay for it. There is a price to pay for a beautiful image. You find yourself holding your everyday appearance up to a magnifying glass looking for imperfections -- cropping here, blemish removing here or there, adding a tint of lavender and red, distorting, creating sunlight.
 The end result is never what you hoped for, but it's the best you've got, so you accept it. In my life, my insecurities prevent me from truly living and enjoying the many things and experiences I am fortunate to have a part of it.
 Eventually it'll either get better or worse, only time will tell. But I hope this lesson on me sits well with you and takes your quality of life higher.