Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love Sick

I miss you everyday

And now being only miles from you I can feel your heart beating

I can't forget you. I'm not capable of it. All I can do is remember you. You're like the sweet smell of perfume dancing through the wind to my eager nose. Everyday I inhale your memory, and exhale hopes of being able to call you my own forever. But it changes nothing. You've ruined me my love. You've dashed my hopes of loving another, for it is your love that sits in my heart. It balloons in my mind, leaving no room for even a fleeting thought. Like blood, you pump through me filling every part of body with your searing flow. You've penetrated my life my love. You've settled into my past and present, and with ease drilled into me to my future. 

That is why I cannot simply erase you from my world. That my love is why I can't just eradicate your memory. Do you remember the first time you saw me? Young, fresh, bright eyed and yielding. Do you remember my smile? My hands as they floated down your forearm and into yours, where they fit perfectly, fingers interlaced like stitches. Do you remember my lips as they welcomed yours. They were like steel doors that crumbled to the floor when your breath gracefully blew onto them. Do you remember my body? Soft and pure? Do you remember how it felt to hold it in your arms? Tell me love. Do you remember? 

Because I do. I remember your eyes as they gazed into the depths of my soul. I remember your lips as they gently kissed mine. I remember your hands and their strong and secure grip. I remember your shoulders, as they welcomed my head. Mostly I remember your voice; how it would tickle my ear drums as it poured down my ear canal into my mind. My brain would sizzle with excitement as your sound reverberated into my consciousness. As I do now, I longed to hear your voice. Kiss your lips and lay in your arms. Allow me that again my love. For in your arms I belong.