Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Most recent project: Taylor

Meet Taylor
She was one by best buds this last 5-6 months while we both sulked at our horrible luck brining us to Lawton, Ok. I'm thrilled to have met this chick who regardless of her timid, goofy, and coy personality could kick my ass any day! "Bet that, bet that!"

The look I styled came from my interactions with Taylor and a few of the things I learned from working with her. I wanted to create a beautiful image that held a little back.

Taylor, like a lot of people including myself can at times struggle with accepting her physical beauty. People like us cover our most precious side and deepest emotions with a side of our personality that is used to distract others from the things we really battle with.

I placed her under a veil. But not just any veil, a black veil. It represents that covering she dresses herself in everyday. Despite it's beauty, it hides an even greater beauty underneath it.

This woman has got to have one of the most beautiful and charming personalities I've encountered during my career in the US Army. I hope as we continue down our chosen paths I cross hers at least a few more times!

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Thanks to my two friends Jill and Jessica for being very helpful hands in making this shoot a success.