Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breaking the surface of this realm. Eye’s shut tightly. Lying limp whilst screaming.

Life is full of surprises, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. I was born to a loving father, and a loving and fully dedicated mother. As time progressed these parental descriptions began to merge as the understanding of how I thought increased. 
“What to stimulate his mind with? What to interest him with?” Unsure.God gives us all a hand to play in fates poker game. Some are given a royal flush while some are simply given a high card. Before one can truly play the hand they were given a simple understanding of the rules are crucial.
1. Cheat when you can go unnoticed or punished.
2. Figure out how that hand plays a part in not only your life, but the lives of others.
3. Allow your hand to remodel itself given a certain environment.
4. As your chameleon grows teach it to not only reflect its colors differently but also its size and shape    depending on its audience.
5. Finally, break, add, subtract, alter, re-word any rule when needed.
Unfortunately for me, I was given these rules. Not from my loving parents, but from this world. As I grew from nothing to immature those around me, that were undergoing the same changes, ostracized themselves from me. As I became used to this treatment I clung to the arts. Even though at times I felt as if I wanted to disappear, my newly discovered talents comforted me. I soon, upon reaching a state of complacency, could spend hours painting, whether it was with my fingers of with horse hair. Something about creating something beautiful with my hands gave me purpose and meaning. Art gave me the opportunity to create something that could be appreciated while I was persecuted and even beaten by my peers. “Something wonderful can actually come from me? But what about what THEY say?”
Life goes on