Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Removing the cloaked facade

Sometimes going against the rules feels good. We all at times need a break from the cloaked facade that is inconveniently draped over our shoulders, to free ourselves from the expected and allow life to take on its own shape. Looking at dsquared from this upcoming fall brought me to a place of rebellion. Oversized black hats slightly covered secretly sinister faces made the characters on the runway look as if they were hiding something. The overall construction of the ensembles shown was moderately heavy and slightly complex. White layers were topped with black vests, corsets, jackets, and some coats. Even though the amount of layers on each of the looks provided for a mix of levels and lengths, a pair of crisp jeans characteristic of dsquared weighted each look making them realistic and practical. Looking at each piece that went into the series of looks shown, it is easy to see contemporary audiences taking to the slight risk one would have to take to incorporate this collection into their wardrobe.