Thursday, January 20, 2011

rubbing away the callused status quo that has defined me

At times I feel like I am the only person that feels the way I do. Being surrounded by a number of different stereotypes that are suppose to exemplify what I’m supposed to strive to be, gets a little frustrating. Loving the fine arts, including ballet and other forms at times separates me from the majority of the people around me. Lately I have decided to be 100% of myself, to allow my suppressed emotions to erode away all of my insecurities. Like the erupting Colorado River slowly beating away the red rock in the Grand Canyon, my true self is slowly rubbing away the callused status quo that has defined me. I found this new happiness in God. In this chapter in my life I have taken the opportunities He has given me by weeding out the personality I’ve grown into and I have pruned away the bull. I’ve been myself lately and honestly I have been the happiest and the angriest with myself and my past. Although I’m happy with these changes, an alteration with yourself sometimes hurts. Looking at Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection for this upcoming fall I saw a man that has seen the ends of the earth and has made his career doing everything he loves. He never disappoints himself, which is the most important thing for a designer. This collection started out with a flash of bond, which echoes to us classic menswear. Then within the next few looks we are taken to a place that is anything but classic or normal. Jean Paul’s collection went through a number of phases. It started out with classic menswear then after the shocking look that changed the course of the collection we didn’t go back to conventional menswear for the rest of the collection, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Something that caught my eye is the asexual style that filled the collection. It was bursting with suggestive separates that helped define this collection’s androgynous overtone. The patterns worked well and so did the different levels and lengths that Gaultier played with. Overall, this show was awesome; even though I don’t necessarily see myself in a lot of the pieces shown I do appreciate Gaultier’s creative genius.